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Pink Pitaya powder
Pink Pitaya powder
Pink Pitaya powder

Pink Pitaya powder

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✓ Do you want to make it fun to eat healthy? 

✓ You can use this pink pitaya powder to colour up your food! Adding a teaspoon of pink pitaya powder will give your food a pink/purple colour!

✓ It's also 100% made out of dragon fruit, so it contains lots of dietary fibres and proteins.

✓ Pink pitaya powder is 100% vegan.

Ingredients: Freeze-dried pitaya powder

Net weight: 50 grams

Servings per package: 12

Best before: 12/2019



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Ingredients: 100% pitaya (dragon fruit) 

Nutritional facts (100g)
Energy1580Kj/378 kcal
Saturated fat1,43g