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Melon baller
Melon baller
Melon baller

Melon baller

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What can I do with a melon baller?

✓ The melon baller has two sides you can use. One side can be used to make balls from melons and other fruits. These balls can be used to decorate your smoothies, salads or desserts. 

✓ The other side is a carving tool which you can use to carve out fruits like kiwis. Carved kiwis are also a great way to decorate your smoothiebowls.

✓ If you have a melon baller, you're healthy meals will look a lot better and you'll enjoy eating it a lot more.

✓ They are used a lot by big influencers on Instagram, so if you want to take pictures that look just as good as theirs, this melon baller is perfect for you!