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Healthy eating becomes fun

Our 100% natural food colours make healthy eating fun

Add a teaspoon to food or drink and your meal will take on an incredibly vibrant colour.

This is how healthy eating becomes easy!

100% natural

Our natural food colourants are made100% from fruit and plants.

Alle colours have only one ingredient.

They contain no artificial ingredients, no added sugars and no allergens.

JOEY FENNEMA (founder)

My story

When I was 12, I contracted a virus in South-Africa. Because of this I was ill for many years and I have been in all kinds of hospitals for treatments.

After a few years I was finally cured, and I decided to live a healthy lifestyle.

I just found this very difficult. Eating boring salads and colourless smoothies instead of a greasy meal is simply no fun.

Until I came across natural food colouring on Instagram. I saw all kinds of influencers who made the most beautiful dishes with this.

When I started trying this myself, I started to enjoy eating healthy

Since then it has been my mission to make healthy living fun  I do this by sharing recipes and with the products of my company Fenitas.

- Joey Fennema


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