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Life's too short to eat boring food!

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Fenitas maakt het leuk om gezond te eten! Met onze natuurlijke kleurstoffen eet je maaltijden in alle kleuren van de regenboog.

Van roze sushi tot aan blauwe noodles. En dat allemaal met  natuurlijke kleurstoffen gemaakt van fruit of planten.

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Joey Fennema

ABout the owner

When I was 12, I contracted a virus in South-Africa. Because of this I was ill for many years and I have been in all kinds of hospitals for treatments.

After a few years I was finally cured, and I decided to live a healthy lifestyle.

I just found this very difficult. Eating boring salads and colourless smoothies instead of a greasy meal is simply no fun.

Until I came across natural food colouring on Instagram. I saw all kinds of influencers who made the most beautiful dishes with this.

When I started trying this myself, I started to enjoy eating healthy

Since then it has been my mission to make healthy living fun  I do this by sharing recipes and with the products of my company Fenitas.

- Joey Fennema