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Blue spirulina smoothie bowl recipe

    Blue spirulina smoothie bowl

    How do you make a blue spirulina smoothie bowl?

    Blue Spirulina is a natural dye made from blue-green algae. It is rich in protein and is perfect for coloring smoothies, lattes, noodles, sushi and much more. One teaspoon is enough to turn your meals bright blue!

    In this recipe you will learn how to make a smoothie bowl with blue spirulina. This smoothie bowl is so blue you can't imagine it's made with natural ingredients. Here you can read exactly what you need to make it!


    • 1 tablespoon blue spirulina
    • 3 frozen bananas
    • 1 generous splash of vegetable milk

    How are you?

    - Step 1: Make sure you buy the bananas well in advance so you can let them ripen. For a creamy smoothie bowl, the bananas should be as ripe as possible. If there are many black dots on the skin, you know that the bananas are sufficiently ripe.

    - Step 2: Then you freeze these bananas. Preferably overnight, but at least 6 hours.

    - Step 3: After at least 6 hours, take the bananas out of the freezer, let them melt for a few minutes. Then cut them into slices. Put these slices in a blender with a power of at least 1000W.

    - Step 4: Now add a tablespoon of blue spirulina and a dash of vegetable milk.

    - Step 5: Blend this until you have a creamy smoothie.

    - Step 6: Put the smoothie in a coconut bowl, top it with fruit and muesli. Enjoy your meal!

    Nutritional value Blue spirulina

    Quantity per 
    Energy (kcal) 377
    Fat 0.2g
    Saturated 0g
    Polyunsaturated 0g
    Monounsaturated 0g
    cholesterol 0mg
    Salt 2.98mg _
    Potassium 1.3 mg
    Carbohydrates 55.7 g
    Dietary fiber 2.1 g
    Sugars 4.9g

    Proteins 36.8g _

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