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Pink pancakes recipe

Anyone fancy pink pancakes?

Is there a better way to celebrate this beautiful weather than with pink pancakes? I don't think so!

And it is also super easy to make. Below you will find the recipe:

The proportions between the amount of pancake mix, milk and eggs depend on how many people you want to make it for. Keep approximately the proportions below. We use a little less milk than usual, so that we get thicker pancakes.

Number of persons Quantity

100 grams pancake mix

1 egg

200 ml of milk


200 grams pancake mix

1 egg

400 ml of milk


300 grams of pancake mix

2 eggs

600 ml of milk


400 grams pancake mix

2 eggs

800 ml of milk

Mix this batter well until you get a liquid mixture. To this mixture you add some coconut oil and one tablespoon of Pink Pitaya powder . You can use more if you want a brighter color.

Grab a large baking pan and a serving spoon. Fill it with the mixture and bake four small pancakes at a time. Make sure the heat isn't too high and you don't fry them too long, otherwise they will turn brown and you won't see the pink color anymore.

Stack your pancakes, pour some coconut yogurt over them and top them with different types of fruit!

You are ready to enjoy!

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