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Pink sushi recipe

Pink sushi 👅
In this recipe you will learn how to color your sushi pink!
1. The recipe is very simple. You make the sushi in the usual way. After adding the mixture of rice vinegar/salt/sugar, you color the sushi by stirring a mixture of water and Pink Pitaya powder through the sushi.

2. Mix a splash of water with a teaspoon of Pink Pitaya powder.

3. The powder sometimes clumps. Try to break up these clumps with your spoon.

4. Then pour the Pitaya/water mixture over the sushi. Try to avoid the larger pieces of Pitaya in the sushi.

5. Now mix the pink water through the sushi until every grain of rice is colored pink.

6. Let the rice cool down and then roll the sushi.

7. You can now enjoy your own Pink Sushi 👅

If you have any questions, ask them in a comment below this post!

Pink Pitaya powder can be ordered here.

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