Wat is Blue Spirulina?

What is Blue Spirulina?

What is Blue Spirulina?

Blue Spirulina is a blue natural dye made from algae. The dye has become known because it was widely used by influencers on Instagram to make blue smoothie bowls, for example.

blue spirulina pancake

What is the difference between normal spirulina and blue spirulina?

The normal, green spirulina is made from the whole algae. This gives it a very fishy smell and taste. Blue Spirulina is made from a pigment present in normal spirulina. Since it is made from the pigment only, it has no fishy smell and taste.

What can you use Blue Spirulina for?

Blue Spirulina can be used to color all kinds of dishes and drinks. One teaspoon is enough to color your meals or drinks bright blue. Think of sushi, smoothies, noodles or cocktails. Spirulina is not stable at temperatures above 70 degrees, so it is not suitable for coloring pies or cakes. It is possible to use it to bake pancakes, for example, but you have to make sure that you bake the pancakes on a low fire. It takes a little more patience, but then you have beautiful blue pancakes.

For example, do you still want to color a cake or cake blue? Then you can use Butterfly Pea powder . This also gives a blue color, but this is stable at temperatures above 70 degrees.

Blue Spirulina nice cream recipe

blue spirulina nice cream

Here you will find an example of a recipe that you can make with Blue Spirulina powder.


  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 100 grams of frozen mango
  • splash of vegetable milk
  • tablespoon of Blue Spirulina powder


  1. Peel the bananas and freeze them a day in advance. Make sure you use very ripe bananas.
  2. Remove the bananas from the freezer and let them sit on the counter for 5 minutes.
  3. Now cut the bananas into slices and put them in a blender with a power of at least 1000W.
  4. Add vegetable milk, mango and Blue Spirulina
  5. Turn on the blender until you have a creamy mixture.
  6. Put your nice cream in a bowl and top with fruit, seeds and granola.

Have you become enthusiastic about Blue Spirulina? You can order it here!

blue spirulina powder

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