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My story

I'm Joey Fennema. The founder of Fenitas. When I was 12, I went to South Africa with my parents. I had the time of my life there, but when I came back I got very sick.

Unfortunately this didn't really go away. I was regularly ill and even spent half a year almost only lying in bed.

I went to all the hospitals in the Netherlands to find out what it was. In the end I turned out to have contracted a virus. Luckily, after a while they found the right medicine and I fully recovered.

Because I have experienced how difficult it is when you don't feel well, I tried to change my lifestyle from that moment on. I tried to eat healthier, but I found that very difficult.

Choosing a boring salad instead of a juicy meal is just extremely difficult.

Until I came across all kinds of influencers on Instagram who did enjoy their healthy lifestyle.

They made all kinds of colourful dishes that looked fantastic, tasted delicious and were also super healthy!

I also tried this and noticed that it became fun to eat healthy.

The choice between a healthy meal or a juicy meal became much easier now that the healthy choice was much more attractive.

Since then, my mission has been to make healthy eating fun! That's why I started Fenitas, so that I can help people to make healthy eating fun, in stead of a pain.

- Joey Fennema

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