100% fruit - the Pink Pitaya powder consists of 100% Dragon Fruit and has no other ingredients
 Sweet in taste - it gives a delicious taste to, for example, smoothies & pancakes
 Healthy - the powder contains a lot of fiber, protein, calcium & vitamin C
 No allergens - it does not contain gluten, milk or added sugars
 Vegan - the product contains no animal ingredients
 Long shelf life - after purchase, the product has a shelf life of at least 6 months
25 servings per sachet - one sachet contains 50 grams, which is at least 25 servings

With Pink Pitaya powder you make smoothies, salads and many more dishes FUN!

The powder is made from pink dragon fruit. Dragon Fruit is the fruit of several cactus species that grow in Central and South America. Because the flesh of our Dragon Fruit is pink, it gives an intense pink color to your meals!

Colorful and healthy!
Besides that Pink Pitaya gives your food a great color, it is also healthy! It consists of 100% freeze-dried dragon fruit. As a result, the powder contains a lot of fiber, proteins, calcium and vitamin C. A perfect addition to your healthy diet!

Infinite possibilities!
You can use this Pink Pitaya powder in many different dishes. You can color yogurt, smoothies, sushi, pancakes, cake and many more meals with it!